Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils, which are complex and powerful medicinal substances extracted from plants. The aromatic essential oils of plants, trees, bark, flowers, roots and seeds defend plants against insects, disease and the environment. Essential oils also determine the aroma of the plant.

Essential oils have been used for many thousands of years for perfumes, cooking and for medicinal purposes. Modern research demonstrates that the use of pure, organic essential oils can provide protective and healing benefits to humans and animals. In many countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, Aromatherapy is used by medical doctors as a medical and pharmaceutical approach to health and healing. In the United States Aromatherapy is a relatively new medical paradigm. Aromatherapy embraces the art and science of blending essential oils for therapeutic benefit and is prepared for inhalation, use in the bath and topical application for absorption through the skin.

Bringer of Light Aromatherapy products are personally formulated and blended, using all organic essential oils and carrier oils. There are no chemical additives and Vitamin E oil is used as a preservative in oil preparations. My aromatherapy blends are made in modest quantities to ensure freshness and maximum effect of the essential oils. They are prepared in appropriate dilutions to ensure safety and maximum effect. Those for medicinal purposes are supplied in cobalt blue glass bottles to protect the essential oils from denigration by light. To extend freshness, it is recommended that infrequently used blends are kept cool or refrigerated. In general, the shelf life of my oil preparations is one year and longer with special care. I currently offer a wide variety of products including, Therapeutic Blends, Bath and Beauty Products, Women's Health, Mother to Be, Happy Baby, Green Products for Home and office, Blends for Staying Healthy, Perfume Oil Scents, Men's Cologne and After Shave, and Diffuser Energy and Scenting Oils. I also offer herbal dream pillows. All information on this website is meant to be educational and not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment information provided by your physician or other healthcare provider.